El pequeño circo de la pobreza

A melancholy procession parades, from the depths of nowhere, with the unstoppable desire to become visible in a world accustomed to ignore. Step by step, footprint by footprint, suitcase by suitcase; carrying everything they have. The little that has not been taken away yet. It marks the passage a man with the terrestrial globe on his shoulders, is not Atlas. It is one of those creatures that predators have burdened with the weight of a world without mercy. The procession grows in its path nourished by beings who think that this is their place. The vacuum marks its mark. With nothing in their hands, lost, disoriented, with broken dignity.

2019 / 40 min / All Audiences

Country Spain | España

Type of show Object theatre


Creative Team

Performers Mada Alejo, Alfonso Peña, Virginia Urdiales, Félix Muñiz, Chus Aguado
Musician Mada Alejo
Dramaturgy Cruz García Casado
Video Álvaro San Miguel Seoane
Music Consultant and Composer Rodrigo Tamariz
Stage Management Chus Aguado
Production Mercucho Producciones SL
Director Cruz García Casado


Maquinant Teatre is founded in Valencia in 2011, with a clear committment to research and reflect on the social reality and an aim to create proximity and emotional impact in audiences. Visual poetry gets more relevance in their last creations as Salüq, thanks to the close collaboration with Juan Pablo Mendiola and their aproach to new technologies in a personal and artistic way


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