Baobab. Un árbol, una ardilla y una seta

Playwright Pere Romagosa
Playwright Pere Romagosa

Two hawkers sheltering from
a big storm tell the great adventure
of a mushroom and a squirrel looking for a new tree to move in after the
start of a war.
“When the war causes you to leave your home and your land, you need the help of those who will receive you”
It has been a challenge to talk about the war on stage. We do it by a mushroom and a squirrel that are forced to leave their BAOBAB tree and start the search of a new house. This is a current and frequent issue in our world that we prefer to avoid because of its cruelty and the bad feelings.
A variety of bags and shoes of different sizes and colors give life to the people that to survive are encouraged to find a new place to settle down.
We can feel sadness, cruelty with some bravery, and a great effort mixed with a lot of humor.

2019 / 55 min / 7-9

Country Spain | España

Type of show Textual theater, Tale, Object theatre


Creative Team

Authors: Sergi Casanovas, Toni Albà and Pere Romagosa
Performers: Sergi Casanovas and Pere Romagosa
Direction: Toni Albà
Scenography and Costumes: Alfred Casas
Graffiti and graphic design: Kaligrrafics / Roberto Maldonado
Music: Tonio Santoyo
Lighting: Miki Arbizu
Lighting and sound technician: Roger Ferraz
Photography: Andreu Trias
Poem "PODRÍES" by Joana Raspall
Voice-over: Clara Segura
Production: LA Pera Llimonera

La Pera Llimonera

We have 25 years of experience creating shows for children using improvisation as our building block to stimulate creativity. We play, as the smallest in the house do, to imitate our surroundings in a funny and humorous way.


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