El silencio de Hamelín

What would happen if there was a deaf girl in the story of the famous flute player?
Clara and Bruno are siblings. They are two of the children who lived what happened in the city of Hamelin. Now that they are grown up, a strange character asks them to tell it again.
Sometimes it is necessary to go back to the past to put things in their place.
Objects, words, sign language, a private DJ,… and the advantages of having disadvantages. A show about other abilities, about things that are not said… that end up coming to the surface.

Show recommended by the Red española de teatros (Spanish Theatre Network).
FETEN 2018 Award for the best Theatre and Inclusion proposal.

2015 / 55" min / 7-9, 10-12, Teens, All Audiences

Country Spain | España

Type of show Puppetry, Object theatre


Creative Team

Created by: Jordi Palet, Olalla Moreno, Jordi Farrés, Pep Farrés and Íngrid Domingo.
Text: Jordi Palet i Puig
Performed by: Olalla Moreno, Jordi Farrés and Pep Farrés
Direction: Jordi Palet i Puig
Set and puppet design: Alfred Casas
Music: Jordi Riera
Costumes: Flavia Onofre
Lighting: Jordi Llongueras
Production: Sylvie Lorente and Maite Velázquez
Assistant director and choreography: Íngrid Domingo
Photography: Arian Botey
Recording musicians: Jordi Riera


Farrés Brothers i Cia

Farrés Brothers y Cia is a theatre company that works with junk, gestures, words, puppets and little-used stories. Founded in 2002, Jordi Farrés, Pep Farrés and Jordi Palet propose a theatre for all audiences, ironic, unsweetened and loaded with several layers of reading: we like to talk about powerful themes, from unusual points of view, in an original and non-moralising way.

Our shows are aimed at different groups in addition to the general public, while maintaining the company's own ethics and aesthetics.

We are looking for a theatre linked to society, and so far we have done so, incorporating into our shows details aimed at various groups such as: inclusive culture (El silencio de Hamelín), historical memory (La maleta de Agustí), intergenerational exchange (Operación AVI), diversity (Tripula), feelings (Orbital), among many others.

We have nine shows available. We have performed 2,500 shows all over the world.

Whoever wants to establish complicity with characters full of humour and emotion, look for us. We are sure you will get something out of it, even if it means experiencing a few moments of altered air? or to get to know the possible worlds that exist within this impossible world.


Maite Velázquez



Farrés Brothers i Cia e-mail: produccio@farresbrothers.com Telf. 938052520 / 671621255