Playwright Izaskun Lasarte
Playwright Izaskun Lasarte

Kimera: “Illusion that is considered real or possible.”

A loading dock. People who work, pass or arrive in search of a better life.
Kimera offers us a look at today’s society, wants to show us the fragility of those little things that make people great, teach us to change the global from the local.
It invites us to think about the reason that moves so many people to leave everything to travel to an unknown place, homeless, without relationships, where the future, no matter how uncertain or dark it may be, is always more hopeful than in The place of origin.
A fun and moving show, where the gaze, the body, the dexterity and the ability to build a peculiar universe combine, a sound bet of emotion. A very free recreation of “Mr. Linh’s granddaughter” in circus language.

2020 / 50 min / All Audiences

Country Spain | España

Type of show Other


Creative Team

Author / original idea: The theater-circus band
Direction: Joserra Martinez
Assistant director: Maribel Martínez
Artists: Izaskun Lasarte, Txetxu Collado, Nano Napal
Original music and live music: Jorge Cordón
Research and scenic movement:
Artists and the theater-circus band
Set Design: Icaro construcciones and Tesicnor
Scenography construction: Icaro and Urrelar workshops.
Lighting design: Livory Bárbez
Show Logo: Izaskun Hernandez
Graphic Design: Itziar Matxain
Video production and editing: Kaptura
Place of creation: El Punto Gunea, Navarrese center of creation


La Banda teatro circo


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