The will and determination of a being are of incomparable power.

There was an explosion … then nothing …

“L’Essence” is a play that stages the struggle and the journey of a being who fights against his handicap. Around this character suffering from visual, hearing and behavioral impairments, following an accident, the movement of the dancers translates the suffering, fear or anger, better than with words.
This being finds himself in a body that he no longer knows and it is the relationship that is established between the characters and their interactions, which brings him to a connection, in a dance of harmony and enriches it with possibility of expressing oneself beyond one’s disability.

Played with live audiodescription

2021 / 60 mn min / Teens

Country France | France

Type of show Dance





Compagnie de danse contemporaine dont le travail vise à interpeller sur des sujets importants de la société: la difficulté à communiquer, la violence des relations, la solitude des êtres. 

L'objectif des dernières créations est de sensibiliser tout un chacun à la question du handicap, en proposant une prise de conscience et une forme de thérapie, le tout avec tact et sensibilité. La chorégraphie invite à un voyage sensoriel et émotionnel.


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