Meeting Point

Company Ertza
Playwright Asier Zabaleta
Playwright Asier Zabaleta

Two guys — both from Brazil but from cities far apart — had to travel 8,000km across “the uddle” and to wait several more years, before meeting for the first time on the opposite side of the planet and discovering all that they had in common.They discover how destinies cross in the labyrinth of life, and how in that very moment we can’t help but become new people. They uncover a place where passion for dance reigns.Where something new is born from the fusion of Breakdance and Hip Hop, through the vision of a third person, coming from Contemporary Dance. Something new and undefined, yet still somehow defines the three of them.

2017 / Teens

Country Spain | España

Type of show Dance


Creative Team

Asier Zabaleta.
Asier Zabaleta con la colaboración de Caio Henrique de Souza y Thiago Luiz Almeida.
Thiago Luiz Almeida, Rafa Arenas.
Bosques de mi mente.
Yolanda Girón.
15 minutos.


Ertza was born in 2004 under the direction of the dancer and choreographer Asier Zabaleta, with the aim of opening a new space where to be able to create freely through the interaction of different artistic disciplines together with the contemporary dance. Ertza ’s works raise questions about human and social contradictions.


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