The day of two Grandmothers.
A nice breakfast, gymnastics in the morning; life goes on regularly, but small events turn everyday life into surprise adventures.
He is fast, she is slow, he is noisy, she is silent, he crumbles and she is not.
Expected and unexpected guests break into this fragile and enchanting world like a music box.
The magic is interrupted and the Grandmothers band together to face the harassing neighbor, the adorable grandson, a sudden illness. Finally the evening arrives and you can have fun!
Show with few words, lots of music and movement, with moments of humor and some hint of melancholy.
The artistic idea comes from the desire to express the strength of the elderlythrough action.

2020 / 50 min / All Audiences

Country Italy | Italia

Type of show Without words


Creative Team

by and with Giorgio Boccassi and Donata Boggio Sola
directed by Valerio Bongiorno
sets and costumes Mirella Salvischiani
collaboration with sets Alessandro Aresu
multimedia images Massimo Rigo
musical choices Giorgio Boccassi
lighting and audio technician Diego Gottardo



Coltelleria Einstein

Giorgio Boccassi

Donata Boggio Sola


0039 3451580370


Caterina Consolati