There are a German, an American and an Italian… Three clown-soldiers, survivors from all wars, come to erect a war memorial.
Different from each other, but bound by history, they play between comic misunderstandings and betrayals until hatred takes over, to make them fall back into the war they wanted to leave behind.
A journey to not forget and to not fall into the same mistakes of History.

The show can be performed both in theater and outdoors

2015 / 50 minuti min / 10-12, Teens, All Audiences

Country Italy | Italia

Type of show Without words, Physical theatre


Creative Team

Writers Mario Gumina, Alessandro Larocca, Andrea Ruberti, Dadde Visconti Directed by Mario Gumina
Cast Umberto Banti, Andrea Ruberti, Dadde Visconti
Original music by Marco Pagani
Scenography Alessandro Aresu, Gianni Zoccarato
Costumes Mirella Salvischiani
Production Eccentrici Dadarò

Eccentrici Dadarò


Associazione Eccentrici Dadarò via Don Enrico Uboldi, 174 21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA) Italy + 39 346 6930368