Mundo Barrio

Mundo Barrio is a project working with young people to create documentary theater, and takes place in the socio-cultural center in San Cristóbal de los Ángeles, Madrid. It came into being as a proposal to create a documentary play with the neighborhood's residents. The fruit of this project is the group Les Petazetas, made up of 10 young women, activists from the Villaverde neighborhood (and the world). It uses artistic creation to offer a critical view of gender, sexual diversity and cultural diversity. Under the artistic direction of Nacho Bilbao, they create a play in which they tell real, silenced stories in the first person. In the show "Transparente" they speak from their perspective about migrant persons, reflecting real stories and highlighting the diversity of existing imaginaries and life projects. Les Petazetas is made up of young women from Spain, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Morocco and also first generation daughters of Moroccan, Dominican and Cuban families. The work is the result of the Mundo Barrio community creation project, carried out with the support of the Madrid City Council's 2017 subsides for contemporary creation, within the program Residencias Urbanas de Creación CiudaDistrito (“Urban Residences of CitiDistrict Creation”).

Country Spain | España

Organisation The Cross Border Project

Started year 2017

Project target group Children, Teens

Partnership /network Centro Sociocultural San Cristóbal de los Ángeles (Madrid)

The Cross Border Project

The Cross Border Project

The Cross Border Project was born in New York as a personal project of Lucía Miranda. Since 2012 Cross Border is established in Spain, with a group of artists working in the field of theater, education and social transformation. Cross Border is an initiative of cultural and social innovation, composed of a Theater Company, a School of Applied Theater and a Kitchen: the space where to investigate and develop projects with other groups and disciplines. With a local and international essence, they have developed projects in places as diverse as Rivas-VaciaMadrid, Medina de Rioseco, Paris, and Dakar, since the Cross Borders can work in Spanish, English and French. Translated with (free version)


Lucía Miranda