In the beginning there is a white house, a stable and safe place, a root and place of security. Those who live there know the tranquillity of the ritual that repeats itself, of “nothing bad can happen”. But one day someone unexpected arrives in the house, someone “other” arrives, outside the box, who destabilises, who takes away certainties, but who is also new and magical. Because the new arrival brings with him a gift: a strange egg. To be guarded, cared for, protected, and waited for. Together.

Time passes, marked by the seasons. The encounter between two different worlds and ways of life gradually becomes an opportunity for discovery and exchange. And in the exchange, one can teach and also learn. Growing, renewing and marvelling at the new and magical life that arrives.

2020 / 45 min / 3-6

Country Italy | Italia

Type of show Physical theatre


Creative Team

With Consuelo Ghiretti and Francesca Grisenti
Puppets: Ilaria Comisso
Scene and lights: Donatello Galloni
Music: Pier Giorgio Storti
Voice: Alberto Branca
production: Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri



Progetto g.g.

Francesca and Consuelo have known each other for years. And for years they have been involved in theatre for children, producing shows and theatre training projects in Italy and abroad. They have trained together and not, along common, different and parallel paths. They chased each other, postponed, searched and waited. Then they found each other in front of what seemed to be the right moment. This is how the g.g. project was born.

project g.g. is the brainchild of Consuelo Ghiretti and Francesca Grisenti, an idea that is being put into practice step by step. A fantastic, spontaneous, difficult and dreamed purpose. It is the g. that links them to their origins. It is the g. of jungle, understood as a mess, tangle, tangle, the one in which they usually find themselves in the research phase, and that sometimes they decide not to dissolve completely. Because g. is also the g. of play, combining the forms that determine the work that they and the children choose to build. In a continuous research that they carry out with and for children.

Accademia Perduta supports the company, producing all their shows.
In 2017 the first production of Progetto g.g. debuts, Valentina Vuole - piccola narrazione per attrici e puazzi (finalist In-BOX VERDE 2018 and winner of the Eyes Wide Open 2019 Award for "best dramaturgy"). In 2020 Le Nid debuts, in 2021 Naso d'Argento (co-produced with Solares Fondazione delle Arti - Teatro delle Briciole).


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