Lili and Naji, two teenagers who are separated by everything, meet in a place on the edge of the world.
She was born on French soil, he on a war-torn land. They look at each other, they search for each other, they calculate each other.
In the suspended time of the meeting, Naji’s memory resurfaces in fragments, shaking Lili’s vision of the world, awakening her to the reality of the war, which was previously remote.

Through the confrontation of the two teenagers, Waynak addresses the conflicts that shake the world, and also questions our Western view.

If Waynak evokes the absurdity of the world as seen by young people, it also speaks of the indestructible bonds that are forged when we recognize ourselves in the Other.

2018 / 55 min min / 10-12

Country France | France

Type of show Textual theater


Creative Team

Mise en scène Annabelle Sergent assistée d’Hélène Gay
Interprétation Laure Catherin & Benoît Seguin
Scénographie & vidéo Olivier Clausse
Création lumière Erwan Tassel
Création sonore Oolithe [Régis Raimbault – Jeannick Launay]
Création costume Thérèse Angebault

Compagnie Loba

Founded in 2001, the Compagnie LOBA supports Annabelle Sergent's artistic research and creations. Designer, author and performer of her shows, Annabelle Sergent is part of this generation of artists who invest the field of the spoken word by shaking it up, by questioning the narrative in theatre.
Her creations - aimed at young people and the general public - are presented throughout France and are recognised by professionals in the performing arts.


Alexandra LEROUX


Laure Catherin & Benoît Seguin